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Are you a 21st century learner?

Nov 20, 2014 | News

Nowadays knowledge can be found anywhere and everywhere: blogs, mobile apps, Wikipedia, webcasts, podcasts, Skype, etc. Learners have access to virtually limitless information at their fingertips. However, this plethora of technology-driven learning opportunities have slowly turned into a virtual labyrinth.

As a 21st century learner, what Ariadne’s thread would you need? The content is no longer an issue, but can you validate information? Can you discover relevant and reliable data? Can you synthesize, paraphrase, reflect, match information with your needs?

Well-designed courses in Legal English Centre could help you out with the above skills. Firstly, you learn where to find professional content and how to transmute the factual knowledge into a collocation-recognition skill. Secondly, you learn how to absorb knowledge faster and more effectively with proper tools to optimise learning. Thirdly, following the “use it or lose it” principle, you apply your knowledge to real-life situations, be it the context of client liaison, contract drafting or legal briefing.

These three aspects of learning: finding adequate content, memorising techniques and practical application, turn a complex subject of legal English into a valuable learning experience. Do not wish you could sound like a professional, just do – as a 21st century learner in LEC.