From January 2017 the candidates will take the exam in a new format.

This year sessions (25 August and 24 November) will be held following the current procedure and format, or if a candidate requires, a new version will be available to them.

A new Sample Test will be available as of 4 July 2016 on the Global Legal English website and on our LEC website as well.

In short, the following three exercises will be modified:

  • Questions 21 and 22, instead of redrafting two contractual clauses, you will now define a few chosen phrases
  • Question 43 – instead of redrafting the whole letter in a more formal and professional style, you will now redraft only phrases and words
  • Question 60 – it will only be modified, you still have to explain a few provisions to your friend in plain English, now without the additional 15 phrases to define.

Please remember that the registration deadline for the August session is 28 July and for the November session 27 October.

It is possible to participate in consultation meetings if a candidate chooses a new version of the TOLES Advanced exam.