Employment Law Terminology

The latest publication of LEC

“Employment Law Terminology” – in use under Polish law

Have you ever consulted a legal English dictionary and still had doubts?

  • Is a word sufficiently formal or archaic?
  • Does a word refer to the Polish legal reality adequately?
  • Which preposition should it go with?
  • How to put my phrase in a correct sentence?
  • Can I use a synonym? Is a more descriptive version acceptable?

This compilation will hopefully turn out useful to answer the above.

A Must if you want:

  • to sound professional and natural when using legal English
  • to communicate accurately and precisely ideas from employment law
  • to save time while checking dozens of other legal English sources

The legal first-aid kit for:

  • Polish lawyers using English at work on a daily basis
  • lawyers drafting legal opinions or reporting on employment law matters
  • learners revising for the TOLES Advanced or ILEC examinations

Price: soon PLN

If you wish to purchase a pdf version of the glossary, please contact LEC by mail or phone.

Contact:: Agnieszka Chojecka, tel. 600-600-550, agnieszka.chw@wp.pl.