TOLES Examination Regulations


[General Provisions]
  1. These Regulations of the TOLES examinations, hereinafter the Regulations, refer to the examinations organised by Global Legal English Ltd. with its registered office in the United Kingdom, hereinafter GLE.
  2. The examinations take place a few times a year, on session dates set by GLE.
  3. Legal English Centre, hereinafter LEC, is the administrator of a given exam session and is also an Authorised Examination Centre.


[Candidates’ registration and exam venue]
  1. Candidates register for an exam session 3 weeks before a given exam date, at the latest.
  2. The registration deadline is the date specified by LEC and announced on the LEC website:, hereinafter the LEC website.
  3. LEC registers candidates no sooner than after the exam fee has been paid into the LEC bank account.
  4. The exam may take place at the LEC registered office in Poznań, at Dąbrowskiego Street 20/22a/5.
  5. Candidates may also take the exam at any other place that they indicate in the registration data.
  6. Candidates are responsible for ensuring access to proper equipment and a stable Internet connection.
  7. The time of the exam is set by LEC.
  8. The exam is available on the Synap platform which is administered by GLE.
  9. After the candidates have been registered, they receive emails directly from GLE and are instructed on how to activate a user account on the Synap platform.
  10. Candidates are obliged to comply with all the technical requirements specified by GLE before the exam.


[Examination fee]
  1. The examination fee is provided on the LEC website.
  2. In order to register for an exam candidates must pay an examination fee into the LEC bank account provided on the LEC website.
  3. Payment of the examination fee amounts to the registration for the exam and acceptance of the Regulations.
  4. On making a payment candidates should specify the exam level and contact details: name and surname, address, telephone number (optional), an email address and data for invoice issuance if necessary.


[Candidates’ resignation from the exam, absence from the exam]
  1. When a candidate resigns after the registration date, the exam fee is not refunded by GLE nor carried forward to the subsequent session.
  2. When a candidate does not come to the exam due to sudden and unexpected events, GLE has a sole discretion over the examination fee refund and the candidate’s taking an exam in the following session. However, GLE reserves the right to request the evidence of such an event, for example a doctor’s certificate.


[Exam results and certificates]
  1. A candidate receives the exam result and a certificate within 4 to 6 weeks after the exam date.
  2. Certificates are sent to the LEC registered office and then collected by candidates in person or sent by post on prior arrangements with LEC.
  3. Certificates are issued without any validity date.
  4. Candidates may take a given exam several times in order to improve the result.