The TOLES Advanced Examination aims at candidates who ideally have already had some experience of authentic legal English documents in their workplace.

We recommend that candidates should be at least at the FCE (B2+), advanced (C1) or proficiency (C2) level of general English to enroll on a course in our LEC training centre.

The TOLES Advanced specifically requires knowledge of the vocabulary and correct use of collocations in more than 10 areas of law (it will not include any criminal terminology). The TOLES Advanced examination requires little or no knowledge of English law or American law.

The examination consists of only one paper: Reading, Writing and Redrafting to be completed in 120 minutes.

The examination tests candidates’ practical skills in the following:

-redrafting a passage from “legalese” into modern, plain English,
-understanding, analysing contractual provisions and explaining them to a non lawyer,
-rewriting an inadequately written letter in a professional, up -to -date manner,
-using legal collocations properly,
-using correct prepositional phrases in a legal context.

There is no fail mark, but six colour grade bands, each specifying a candidate’s level of legal English competence.
The preparation course takes thirty 90 minute sessions held once a week.

The registration deadline is 4 weeks before the date of the exam and upon payment of the registration fee in our LEC office.

We prepare intensive revisions to boost your confidence before each examination, two 90 minute sessions, each offered once a week.

The examination fee is 760 PLN.

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