The prices vary depending on the level of the course and may be between PLN 2500 gross to PLN 3200 gross for the whole year (25 meetings), payable in three or four equal instalments during the year. Please contact LEC to learn the prices for a new academic year 2021/22.

The academic year starts in the second week of October.

Usually at the end of May or beginning of June.

At each level we have 30 weekly meetings (90 minutes).

The enrolment procedures finish in mid-November.

First, arrange a meeting with a tutor, have a short interview and then decide on a proper level of the course.

The choice of a group depends on a few factors: your level of general English, prior contact with legal English, current contact with the language (working with English-speaking clients), etc.

The course fee includes: course materials, the Mock Exam (in May), any supplementary materials handed out during the course. The course fee does not include the Toles examination fee.

Yes, three or four equal instalments.

Each year there are 5 examination sessions. For more details go to HERE

Yes, assuming that you manage to collect and memorise the vocabulary from 8-12 areas of law on your own.

We discuss issues from different areas of law using the vocabulary studied at home. The starting point is Polish law.

Although the focus is on exam preparation, from Day 1 students master skills required in a Polish law firm environment.

Yes, however such courses are always organised on demand, for a group of minimum 3 students. The group creates their own syllabus: drafting contracts, vocabulary from specific legal areas, conversations or negotiations scenarios

The reading materials may come from both English and Polish legal textbooks, but discussions focus on Polish law and issues relevant for a Polish legal professional.

From 2 to 6 students.

You can join another group at the same level and covering the same topic.

You can always change the group if there are no more than 6 people in a group of your choice.

There are regular oral and written quick checks, a semester test and the Mock Exam.

Yes, all students are awarded with a LEC certificate and a progress report if all the course requirements are met.

Yes, you can start an individual course at any time. For more details