Our Offer

LEC offers business, financial and legal English to professionals and all other language learners. You can prepare for the exams, have individual tuition or just short workshops focused on a given language area.

Exam courses

LEC runs TOLES exam preparation courses at three levels : FOUNDATION, HIGHER and ADVANCED.

Individual tuition / Conversations

Have you had enough of textbook English?

Do you want to sound eloquent and natural in English?

Have you reached a language plateau and felt no progress recently?

Maybe it is the time to turn to an individual tutor? If you wish to rediscover your hunger for knowledge or just to maintain your linguistic proficiency, contact me and see how I can help.


  • The course focuses on your individual learning style and pace
  • You learn what you consider useful and relevant
  • You choose the situations, skills and terminology to practise.
  • You enjoy maximum exposure to English thanks to my guidelines on how to work on your own.

How it works

  • At a first meeting I assess your level of linguistic competence and we set the course objectives.
  • I prepare your own learning programme.
  • You decide when and how often to arrange meetings.
  • The first meetings give you an overview of my teaching approach. If you are certain that you want to continue, then we sign an agreement.
  • You can also have the-whole-day English experience, from 4 to 8 hours with breaks.


  • Hourly rates depend on several factors: your proficiency level, frequency of meetings, the length of the course.
  • The tuition fee may range between PLN180 and PLN220 for 45 minutes.
    The hourly rates may slightly differ for meetings (face-to-face or online) at the weekend and on weekdays after 21.00.

Where and how

  • The meetings take place on the Legal English by Chojecka premises or in your workplace.
  • Online meetings via Skype or Zoom are available as well.



You can arrange a few meetings if you want to:

  • refine your professional image through English
  • brush up your English after a longer break
  • negotiate like a pro
  • deliver presentations without stress
  • practise before an interview or client meetings

Improve your pronunciation

You can have a meeting or two if your want to be guided how to improve your British English pronunciation, intonation or fluency in general.

Practical grammar refreshers

You can arrange a few meetings to revise the most useful grammar areas for everyday workplace tasks. If you ever feel that you hesitate far too long when writing any text, then you may benefit from such lessons.

  • how to use polite tense forms
  • The articles always give learners a headache
  • the knowledge of verb patterns may save you from embarrassment
  • countable and uncountable nouns really count

legal vocabulary builders

Do you ever feel that you would appreciate a quick revision before a meeting with a client? Why not arrange a brief vocab builder workshop?

Name your area of specialism and I will compile your personalised glossary (a mini-dictionary).

  • civil procedure terminology
  • administrative procedure terminology
  • contract law
  • company law
  • employment law issues
  • real estate terms
  • banking terms
  • insurance terms
  • taxation issues

Refine your writing skills

Have you ever been taught how to write properly in English? How to make your texts super clear and powerful?

These 2-4 hours will change your writing habits for the rest of your professional career.

Contact me to:

  • find out about ‘Effective guidelines for modern writing’
  • improve your drafting, revising and proof-reading of documents – contracts, correspondence, reports, memoranda, meeting minutes, etc.

Language audit

At times you may ask yourself the question about where you really are on your language path. After a longer break in your learning routine, you wish to get back on the right track.

Feel invited to a chat in English (face-to-face or via Skype/Zoom) and check:

  • which level of advancement you have achieved
  • what linguistic areas you can still improve
  • how you could make progress on your own
  • how to refine your writing (if you provide your writing samples in advance)
  • which listening materials are best for you.