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Soon we will invite you to Boost your Legal English

Oct 23, 2019 | News

Do you want to pass the TOLES exams easily, fast and with excellent effect?

Do you want to use more professional vocabulary?

Check if you remember all the necessary phrases.

Boost your Legal English gives you paid access to legal phrases exercises which prepare you fully to the TOLES exams at any level: Foundation, Higher or Advanced.

Test yourself by doing the exercises from different areas of law.

– the Introductory level covers over 1100 phrases

– the Higher level over 1500 phrases

– the Advanced level over 1800 phrases

What is there for you?

You repeat individually,

you do not buy dozens of books,

you can prepare without a teacher or a course.

You do exercises at any time and place convenient for you, at the computer, on your laptop or mobile phone. Use every minute to pass the exams with the top mark.
Boost your Legal English has all the phrases necessary. Each Unit collects the most important vocabulary for each TOLES exams level.

Start exercises on Boost your Legal English and you will speed up your revision and prepare easily.

For who?

Boost your Legal English is ideal for:

– candidates for the TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher or TOLES Advanced

– law students, law graduates or legal trainees

– learners who want to know more legal phrases

– professionals who want to communicate easily using legal terms.