The TOLES FOUNDATION is aimed at students at all levels of general English, who have had very little or no knowledge of legal terminology. Its major goal is to ensure that they have the basic, essential foundation of legal terms to build upon in future.

Intermediate and upper-intermediate (B1/B2) are the recommended levels at which students can enroll on courses provided in LEC.

The preparation course takes 24 sessions held once a week, 90 minute each.

During the course I use my copyrighted materials which gather all the vocabulary required both for the exam and for work with English-speaking clients.

Every minute during the meetings serves one purpose – use the collocations in speech, so there are discussions, presentations, analyses for and against or explaining legal matters in plain English.

Each lessons, with no exception, starts with an oral or written quick check.

Since each topic is logically connected with the following one, if a student misses a meeting, he/ she may catch up with the group through consultations.

The course finishes with a Mock Exam, after which students decide whether to take the coming exam session.

Before each session I organise intensive vocabulary revisions for both my course students and candidates.