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Writing Skills for Legal Professionals workshops 2016

kwi 15, 2016 | Aktualności

Dates and times

28 May 2016 (Saturday) 9.00-14.00
24 June 2016 (Friday) 15.00-20.00


6 teaching hours (3 sessions 90 minutes each, two 15-minute breaks in between)


Legal English Centre, Dąbrowskiego Street 20-22a/ 5, Poznań

Participants and level

The workshops are ideal for busy legal professionals who have contact with English speaking clients on a daily basis and those who rely heavily on written communication in their jobs. Participants should be at least at the upper-intermediate level (B 2) regarding their general English skills.


The workshops serve as a refresher on the principles of effective writing in English. If you struggle when writing a text, if you wonder whether your style is modern and professional enough, then this event is for you.


The workshops are strictly practical since a small group (up to 6 people) proves ideal for an individual approach to each participants’ writing needs. Practical guidance is to be offered as to how immediate problems while drafting could be remedied.

Distinguishing feature

As the workshops are designed to deal with each participants’ areas for improvement, they will be asked to submit their samples of writing (without any sensitive information) prior to the workshops. Consequently, each participant will receive feedback as to their strengths and weaknesses in writing and further recommendations for tackling and improving particular linguisticareas.


During the workshops participants will be able in particular to:

  • 1. revise the principles of clear, brief, effective and professional writing in business correspondence, e-mails, reports, etc.
  • 2. identify and resolve common troublesome areas for Polish learners:
    • a. ambiguity,
    • b. sexist language,
    • c. nominalisation,
    • d. words easily confused,
    • e. overuse of passive.
  • 3. practise proof-reading and document correction as well as learn the practical tips how to approach this skill in a systematic way.
  • 4. revise the most useful grammar points in relation to legal texts:
    • a. how to express obligations, authorisations, limitations,
    • b. problematic “shall”,
    • c. where to punctuate in English,
    • d. where articles are desired,
    • e. problematic transitive/intransitive verbs.


Each participant receives the workshops materials and a copy of Paul Emmerson „Email English” Macmillan.
The examples of the sentences are derived from authentic samples provided by participants and compiled by the lecturer, all in the context of legal English terminology.

The lecturer

Agnieszka Chojecka is going to conduct the workshops and guide their participants through the intricacies of English formal writing style. She has been specialising in teaching business English for over 17 years and legal English for 12 years now. Her efforts focus on teaching practical skills and enhancing learners’ autonomy.


The fee for the workshops is PLN 450, which includes the cost of the training materials, coffee and refreshments during the breaks.
A discount of 15% is available to all previous LEC students.


The registration deadline is 7 days before each date of the workshops. A further deadline of 4 days is to submit writing samples.

Contact details

Legal English Centre, Agnieszka Chojecka biuro@legalenglish.net.pl, m. 600 600 550