Verb Patterns



to advise somebody to do something

to advise somebody not to do sth / against doing sth

to advise a client on a matter

to advise that …

to advise why / what etc.


to recommend sth to sm (never “I recommend you the hotel”)

to recommend doing sth

to recommend that … (should)


to suggest doing sth (never “I suggest to go there”)

to suggest sth to sm (never “I suggest you the book”)

to suggest that …. (should)


to propose doing sth

to propose that …. (should)

other ways and phrases

you could … / should … / ought to … / might as well …

why don’t you consider …

It’s advisable / recommended / suitable to do sth

It’s strongly advised that …

I’d advise doing that

Another suggestion / proposal / solution / recommendation could be …

Suggesting TIP sentence translation

The experts advise us to register the company.
The experts advise that we (should) register the company.

I strongly advise you not to do that.

They advised me against sending this package by courier because of the cost.

During negotiations he suggested / proposed that we (should) set up an emergency centre.
… he suggested / proposed our setting up an emergency centre.

We suggest / recommend / propose that you (should) delay making a final decision.
We suggest / recommend / propose your delaying making a final decision.

They keep suggesting ways to keep the prices down.

Let’s propose / suggest another project to complete the assignment.

Can you recommend our services to her?